BADIR is a program designed to equip young Jordanian leaders with the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to strengthen and scale up their social change projects. Launched by the International Youth Foundation (IYF) in 2011, BADIR was adapted from the YouthActionNet® Global Fellowship model to provide a tailor-made, culturally-relevant, and Arabic/English-language centered leadership development experience for young leaders in Jordan, ages 18 to 29. We at BADIR are affiliated with a global network of young leaders, carrying out their social change projects around the globe through the IYF’s YouthActionNet, which is currently made up for over 1,700 young social reformers from over 90 countries.
With its fourth phase funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through a grant from the USAID Civic Initiatives Support Program implemented by FHI 360, BADIR has recently selected its 2017 Fellows, adding another 24 young entrepreneurs to its Fellowship program. Open to aspiring social entrepreneurs from different backgrounds, including those with disabilities, BADIR continues its mission to implement real social change in local communities as one of the most comprehensive social entrepreneurship support programs in the Middle East for the sixth consecutive year.
Our Mission at BADIR:
o   To establish standards of youth empowerment by highlighting successful BADIR Fellows as concrete evidence of Jordanian youth’s potential to achieve real change and improve their communities for the better.
o   To positively contribute to the local communities by harnessing the potential of their resources, connections, partners and experiences to continue its work as a true advocate for these communities.
BADIR opens its doors to vibrant youth who are passionate about being social reformers and leaving their mark on the lives of others by giving them the chance to join its list of Fellows. After their ideas and projects are evaluated by a specialized panel, the chosen Fellows are granted opportunities, unique to the BADIR Fellowship:
o   To connect with active, like-minded innovators from around Jordan and the world through the IYF’s YouthActionNet, a vibrant and fast-growing network consisting of over 1,700 young social innovators in over 90 countries.
o   Training and mentoring opportunities, tailored to each Fellow.
o   Funding opportunities for growth and development of projects. Since its launch, BADIR Fellows have accumulated over USD 420,000 through the program’s social innovation fund, where each Fellow received between USD 5,000 and USD 15,000 for their projects.
o   To gain media exposure and visibility for the Fellows and their projects by working with top-tier media outlets.
o   To network with influential entities in Jordan through Friends of BADIR, a collection of local organizations that support the BADIR program and its Fellows.