BADIR Opens Applications for 2017 Fellowship In partnership with the International Youth Foundation and USAID Civic Initiatives Support Program
Opens Applications for 2017 Fellowship

Amman, July 2017 – BADIR, an initiative led by the International Youth Foundation (IYF), is a program created with young Jordanian leaders and entrepreneurs in mind and designed to assist them in developing and advancing their existing social change projects. BADIR recently launched its fourth phase, opening the application process for BADIR 2017 Fellowship. The 2017 Fellowship is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through a grant from the USAID Civic Initiatives Support Program implemented by FHI 360. The application process started on Sunday 23 July and will remain open until Sunday 24 September, 2017.


For the 2017 Fellowship, BADIR is seeking to attract diverse applicants, reaffirming its belief in the core value of social inclusivity that is shared by all partners involved. Women and men from different backgrounds, including those with disabilities, are encouraged to apply. Applicants between the ages of 18 and 30 can apply through BADIR’s website ( or by fax, email, or mail.


BADIR’s program provides Fellows with not only the chance to connect with like-minded peers, but also to access resources, funding, training, and mentoring, and to gain media exposure and networking opportunities that will help further advance their projects. Following the close of the application phase, BADIR’s selection committee will review and assess applications to select 20 new Fellows who will be announced during an award ceremony that will take place in October 2017.


In its fourth phase, BADIR — in partnership with IYF and USAID CIS — is focused on sustaining its support of the youth-led change movement in Jordan, with substantial support for projects that aim to build inclusive societies and engage marginalized communities. Hafez Neeno — IYF’s Regional Director, Middle East & Country Director, Jordan — explained, “We at BADIR firmly believe that Jordan’s youth hold the key to ensuring a productive, prosperous and sustainable future for all Jordanians. Over the course of the past six years, we have empowered 65 young social innovators working in diverse areas of impact such as education, social inclusion, women’s empowerment, civic engagement, health, and the environment. Through these projects, our Fellows have positively affected their respective communities, reaching a total of 150,000 beneficiaries directly and over half a million beneficiaries indirectly.”


Neeno added, “With the launch of applications for the 2017 Fellowship, we hope to reap equally inspiring results with the new batch of Fellows and to continue empowering youth and assisting them in changing their communities for the better. I encourage all ambitious social entrepreneurs, regardless of their field of work, to apply and make use of the array of benefits we have to offer.”