Abd Al-Razaaq Al-Mohtasab, 29

Al-Ta'llum Min Khilal Al-La'b, Ma'an

Abd Al-Razaaq's Al-Ta'llum Min Khilal Al-La'b seeks to connect youth in Ma'an, especially those living in remote rural areas, and teach them valuable skills to help them bring greater efficiency and productivity to their communities.

Abd Al-Razaaq was inspired by volunteering with other organizations and recognized that although education is a basic human right, a wide educational gap exists between rural and urban communities.

In 2011, Abd Al-Razaaq and his initiative received the King Abdullah II Award for Youth Innovation and Achievement for his impact and accomplishments.

His initiative seeks to build greater health awareness and life skills among youth, while increasing their exposure to different cultural beliefs and practices.

Eventually, Abd Al-Razaaq aims to generate enough resources and support among fellow associations to build additional schools in Ma'an.