Since its establishment in 1971, Starbucks has grown to become the world’s largest coffee chain, operating in 66 countries across the world, including nearly 500 stores in 10 countries across the Middle East and North Africa. The brand was introduced to the region through an exclusive franchise agreement with M.H. Alshaya Co., an international franchise operator for over 70 leading retail brands. The company runs 16 stores around Jordan and employs 184 Jordanian youth. In addition, Starbucks strives to incorporate world-class practices, especially with regards to governance and transparency, believing in the importance of making a positive impact wherever it operates.


Stemming from its dedication to uncovering the potential of the largely untapped wealth of ingenuity found in the world’s youth, Starbucks was BADIR’s main founding partner during its launch. They operated with the aim of supporting the capabilities of Jordanian youth who aspire to bring positive change to their communities by helping them to do so.

You can learn more about Starbucks’ Global Responsibility Report, an account of the company’s activities in the realm of corporate social responsibility through the following link: