Driven by Starbucks’ desire to create pathways to opportunities for youth, and officially implemented by the International Youth Foundation (IYF), BADIR is one of the most extensive social entrepreneurship support programs in the Middle East. Designed to equip young Jordanian leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to strengthen and scale up their social change projects, it was launched in 2011 for an initial period of three years. BADIR was granted a three-year’s extension in May 2014, and can now look back on six successful years of achieving measurable change.

BADIR is part of the YouthActionNetâ global network of youth leadership development programs. Similar national and regional programs are currently underway in, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Peru, South Africa, Spain and Turkey. Like BADIR, each local program is deeply rooted in the society where it operates and works to strengthen youth leadership within individual countries and regions.