BADIR offers its fellow:

  • Funding opportunities
  • Connections to like-minded peers through the global YouthActionNetâ network
  • Networking with influential entities in Jordan through the Friends of BADIR, who support young social change makers and offer in-kind support
  • Higher visibility and exposure by facilitating media opportunities with tier-one media outlets
  • Tailored training and mentoring opportunities


BADIR Fellows are given the chance to meet and collaborate with like-minded innovators who share a strong passion for positive change. Their work stands out as clear evidence of how today’s young leaders are contributing to sustainable growth.


Selected youth receive social innovation skills and management training designed to help strengthen and expand their projects. They also benefit from being part of a vibrant global network of over 1,700 young social entrepreneurs in over 90 countries.

Funding opportunities for growth and development of projects. Since its launch, BADIR Fellows have accumulated over USD 420,000 through the program’s social innovation fund, where each Fellow received between USD 5,000 and USD 15,000 for their projects.

BADIR will continue to enhance and expand the positive impacts that young social entrepreneurs have on socioeconomic development in their communities. We work hand-in-hand with the Friends of BADIR in continuing to carry out trainings, deliver seasoned expertise, and provide Fellows with advice.


Through this comprehensive approach, we expect to continue directly benefitting thousands of Jordanian youth and their communities.