What is YouthActionNet and what is its relationship with BADIR?

A program carried out by the International Youth Foundation, YouthActionNet pursues a bold mission: To strengthen and scale up the impact of youth-led social ventures around the world. Through its local and global fellowship programs, YouthActionNet provides training, funding, advocacy and networking opportunities to social entrepreneurs, ages 18-29, who have pioneered solutions to urgent global challenges. Through this network, BADIR Fellows can connect with over 1,700 social innovators from more than 90 countries worldwide including a number of universities, institutions, companies, government entities, and individuals – all united in their supports of young leaders whose innovations are changing the world one community at a time.
BADIR is a part of the YouthActionNet Global Network, with similar programs underway in Australia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Peru, South Africa, Spain, and Turkey. Through YouthActionNet, BADIR Fellows enjoy being part of a vibrant and fast-growing network consisting of over 1,700 young social innovators in over 90 countries.